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Interesting work and good conditions

We continuously search for new employees for various work tasks all over Europe and beyond. Most of the positions are for periodical or project work. If you are interested in seeing new companies and environments and eager to learn new things, these positions are well suited for you. When you are employed by Euro Work you can quickly acquire wide-ranging work experience and be ready for increasingly challenging work tasks.

  • We aim to offer the best quality to both our customers and employees
  • We never charge employees for our services
  • Your hourly pay is determined according to your work task and past experience as well as your skills
  • We always compose written contracts
  • Euro Work is responsible for all employer taxes required by law

How to apply:

  1. Send yor CV to:



Application forms:

Open the Application Form for Industry (PDF)

Open the Application Form for Shipping (PDF)

Euro Work Group Privacy Policy


Holder of register

Euro Work Group:

Euro Work OÜ, EW Finland OY, EW Staffing OY, EW Manning OY, EW Staffing OY


Tel: +372 5122257

Person in charge of data on register

Mart Siniorg

Euro Work Oü

Email: [email protected]


Name of register

Euro Work Group CV database.


Purpose of processing personal data

Euro Work Group may process your data when we need to do this to fulfil a contract with you, such as to send your Application Form to an employer or recruiter for a specific job application.

To help you search for and get a job, Euro Work Group may make Personal Information available to third parties such as employers, recruiters and other intermediaries and agents and other business partners.

Data contents of register

The register contains personal data of company internal and external applicants. Data processed onto the register is taken from each job application. Details provided by the applicant about her/himself are recorded on the register. The applicant can update the information on their CV/application by sending new updated CV/application. An CV/application will be kept on file on our server for two years from the date of application or from the time of the last update. 


What Personal Information do we collect?

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Telephone number
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Rank
  • Marital status
  • Residence
  • Current location
  • Previous experience
  • Physical attributes including photos

Additional (optional) information data for the Application Form

  • Documents (Seamans's book, Work Diploma, National Passport or ID, Visa and other)
  • Certificates of competency
  • Marine courses / Certificates / Endorsement
  • Health certificates for seafarers, vaccinations
  • Educations
  • Next Of Kin
  • Ready for Position
  • Current and other employment (referees)


Statutory sources of informationSources of information, apart from the applicant, are possible referees provided by the applicant, or Euro Work Group members of staff involved in the selection process. Sharing your Personal Information  By sending to us your CV/application, Persons agree to provide the Euro Work Group CV database with their data. (Data Protection Act, 8 §.).  The primary purpose of processing personal data is to carry out recruitment processes and communicate with job applicants for Euro Work Group open positions. The data is available for our recruiting team and relevant recruiting managers within Euro Work Group. Candidates may apply for a particular job posting or they may apply with open application. Data contained in application will be kept in the register according to time period ruled by national regulations. The CV/applications are filed for maximum 24 months from the end of recruitment process or applying with open application. If candidate wishes so, the CV/application will be deleted right away after recruitment process. If candidate voluntarily updates the CV/application, the information will be stored maximum 24 months after the last update. Statutory release of data, including transfer of data outside the EU or the EEC. The CV database operates on the server and recorded data are restricted to use solely by Euro Work Group. Data are not released to outsiders without the consent of the applicant. Principles of register security and internal use Rights to use the CV/application database are restricted to members of Euro Work Group staff involved in recruitment and selection. Digital data is protected with passwords, firewalls and other commonly used digital data protection solutions. The IT service provider DataGroup Porvoo and domen service provider Karhu Helsinki are responsible for technical protection and data protection of recorded data.

Right of access

The data subject has the right to inspect what information concerning him has been deposited in the Register. The request for verification must be sent to the person responsible for the register at the above address of the registrar and must be in writing and signed. The request can also be made personally at the registrar by verifying the identity. Personal Data Act, 26 §. This right of access is implemented in accordance with the Personal Data Act, 28 §.