Euro Work is a leading European HR service company. We provide high quality marine crewing and industrial staffing services.

We recruit workforce for various employment periods to Europe and beyond. Most of our employees are EU nationals from countries such as the Baltics, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. We also recruit actively from Russia, the Ukraine and the Philippines. Our offices are located in Finland and Estonia.

Euro Work started its operations in 2004. Our management team has extensive HR service experience that spans decades.

We aim to offer the highest possible quality for both our clients and employees. All our operations are conducted strictly according to current legislations and the highest ethics.

Euro Work is certified by the DNV ISO 9001 quality system.

Customer Cases

Euro Work business principles

  • We offer quality for customers
  • We always work for superior customer satisfaction
  • We respect our personnel
  • We offer competitive salary in line with CBA and regulations
  • We are a complete  HR management partner for our clients
  • We run a profitable and stable business
  • We are constantly developing our services
  • We are known for our good customer service

Euro Work History

  • Established in 2004
  • Office in Tallinn, Estonia 2004
  • First Baltic employees to Finland May 2004
  • Active in metal industry and shipping since 2004
  • Active in food industry since 2005
  • In 2006 was an office established in Finland
  • The first outsourcing service was established in Finland 2006
  • In 2006 was established an recruiting office in Poland
  • In 2007 recruiting offices in Bulgaria and Romania
  • Recruiting offices also in Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines
  • Long experience from HR services in East Europe, Russia, Finland and Scandinavia
  • Active in Spain-Morocco in shipping since 2007
  • Active in Oman in shipping since 2008
  • Full Crew Management Service in Shipping 2009
  • HR Strategic Management Consultancy services since 2009
  • Active in the Finnish archipelago shipping since 2010
  • Quality System (DNV ISO 9001) implemented 2011