Efficient distribution for Arla Ingman dairy products

arla ingman

Euro Work Group has been co-operating with Arla Ingman Oy Ab since 2004.

Euro Work Group has been responsible for collecting dairy products in Arla Ingman Oy Ab warehouse and responsible for duties connected to warehouse operation, like supervision, handling and acceptance of delivered goods, shelving and inventory. By close co-operation we try to constantly improve effectivity  and flexibility, because all weekdays and months are different.

We ensure that shopkeeper get correct delivery.

Different products are packed and collected during different hours. We invest in making our service working 24 hrs / day, if needed. Our working day is finished not until the last order has been taking care of and ready for delivery.

Quality is important part of our everyday work, because only a satisfied customer is long term customer.

We want to continually improve our performance and we want to offer the highest  quality and reliable service to our clients.