Euro Work provides a wide range of staffing and HR services to industrial, logistics and service companies. Our two primary service areas are staff leasing and outsourcing. Our customers represent many different sectors, such as food and beverage production, metal industries, information technology and various services.

We recruit primarily European Union nationals. Most of our industrial employees come from the Baltic countries, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Staff Leasing – the ultimate in flexibility

Euro Work staff leasing enables you to optimize your personnel resources to meet every need. You can have an employee working for you exactly when you need him, and for as long as you need him. It is thus guaranteed that you have exactly the needed number of employees working. You can use leased workers for both short and long projects. Work management, instruction and supervision are the responsibilities of a customer company.

Staff leasing enables you to get acquainted with skilled workers in a flexible and safe way. Should you realize at the end of the lease term that you would like to keep an employee, you are welcome to make a permanent work contract with him.

In a lease relationship Euro Work takes care of the employees’ compensation including all expenses required by law (pay, holiday pay, employer’s social security fees). Our operations are based on strong ethics and strict adherence to current legislation.

Recruiment – let us find the professionals you need

Euro Work can also recruit permanent employees for you. Our personnel register contains a huge number of specialists from different fields. We have interviewed job seekers and reviewed their backgrounds. Besides lease work lots of our applicants are also interested in permanent work relationship. We make recruitment safe, easy and quick for our clients.

Advantages of Euro Work Staff Leasing and Recruitment

  • Cost saving and flexibility: employees are there when you need them
  • Efficiency: no need to spend time searching for and selecting personnel
  • Risk sharing: Euro Work replaces an employee if the customer is not satisfied
  • Time saving: get reliable employees for both temporary and permanent positions faster

Outsourcing – concentrate on your core business

In an outsourcing arrangement Euro Work takes responsibility for the entire operations of customer’s unit. The unit is operated and developed based on a mutually agreed strategy. Using outsourcing enables our clients to achieve significant cost savings and flexibility while concentrating on their core business. We provide high quality outsourcing services to industrial, logistics and service sector companies.