Maritime Career in Viking Line

We are crew agent for the passenger ferry Viking XPRS which is operating on a route between Tallinn and Helsinki. Working on ferry is interesting, there is a possibility to meet new people every day and if you wish, then also work and study at the same time.

Viking XPRS. Photo origin:

On Viking XPRS there are:

  • exciting working environment at sea
  • 42 different position all over the ship
  • good work experience and possibility to get new friends
  • interesting and challenging out of routine job
  • it can be also an part-time job while studying
  • Working rotation is in 1-1 system (t.ex. 1 week on, 1 week off)
  • competitive salaries
  • accommodation and food for free during the working shift
  • possibility to train in ship’s gym

Many seagoing careers in Viking Line have started from temporary employments, for example some crew members have come to work only for the summer period, but later have been offered a permanent employment of a ferry.

Check out the job offers under “Open Positions” and join the Viking XPRS crew!

Seafarer, it’s a lifestyle!

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